Book Review: You’re the One That I Want By Giovanna Fletcher


This has been the second book of Giovanna fletcher’s I have read, the first being dream a little dream I will link my review below which I  really enjoyed but I have to admit this has been my favourite out of the two.

The story is filled with true friendships, honest love and the right ending.

The book follows Robert, Ben and Maddy who meet when they are 9 years old, they are the best of friends the tripod as they call themselves they help each other whether storms, heartache and adolescence and we all know how hard that is they were each others pillars of strength .

Friendships always change when love comes into the mix , hidden love and love you never knew was there until you stair it right in the eye and gives you another option of another  love story  you never knew was possible.

Throughout the story my heart broke for each character, at the turn of each page I was changing my mind as to how I wanted it end. love is a complicated thing especially when your in love with your two best friends and the girl who is with a friend who is more of a brother.

I’m a complete romantic, I want love to win, I want the right people to be together know matter what though there would be broken hearts lives wrecked but in this case I think it was the right ending.

We can love someone with all our being but is it worth It to lose something so precious as friendship, years of memories all 3 had so much love for each other that the ending made me smile though a little sad of what could of been the what if,  though the ending was a cute possibility of the future.

Love is  beautiful in so many relationship forms, just because you love someone doesn’t mean their your true love story you decide who is.

what a wonderful read Giovanna, I thoroughly enjoyed it, each page left me wanting to read more.

Give it a read and let me know who you  would out of picked Robert or Ben?

Peanut xx

Dream A Little Dream Giovanna Fletcher


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