Paige Toon The Hidden Pages

I had never read a book out of pleasure before a year and a bit ago, It was always a chore I actually hated it because it was something I was forced to do. Out of the blue (only because I had no electric in my house) I picked up a book, how much life changed since that day.

Reading now is a passion of mine, I make sure I take time out of my day to open a book and fully escape into the characters lives I’m reading about. I have fallen in love, travelled the world, had adventures and met exciting new characters with the turn of ever page, I’m sad I hadn’t found reading before but its better late than never.

Through my new interest I have found my favourite author Paige Toon, her books are beautifully written bringing you into a world that you can see yourself in. I love that she uses a lot of her years of living and growing up in Australia in her books her description and love for the country makes me want to pack a bag and go and see all the beautiful places she is describing. I get carried away with the characters she has created, they are relatable, broken, complicated, make you see things in a different way, they could be you or your friends and I have falling in love with a couple of them Nathan and Sam how I wish they were real. I really like that she brings her characters back through her backs they sneak into other books giving you a glimpse of what they are up to.

Every book I read of hers leaves me wanting more, this what brings me on to The Hidden Pages, Paige has a FREE website that you have to subscribe to, she releases The Hidden Pages of her books extra chapters of her already realised books and new one-off stories. It is such a fantastic idea, its like you get a little bit of extra bonus cake of a book you really loved and snippets of new stories you wish would really continue.

Go over to her site subscribe for FREE and enjoy the extra little bit of cake that comes in the shape of a Paige Toon story.

Peanut xx


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