Book Review: The Island By Victoria Hislop

the island

I read this book because of a recommendation from my mum, she thought it was right up my street she was right. Though the book isn’t a true story Victoria has made her own story around the actual event that happened.

It’s a thought-provoking book that tugs at your heart, Alexis fielding has a life changing decision to make which leads her to look back through her families past discovering a shameful family secret. I you never know where the book is going to turn, there is so much to the story though it’s not real the event that it’s based on was real and it makes you understand what those people were going through and see it from a human point of view not something that happened in the past.

The characters were so captivating, one in particular I can’t say who without spoiling the story, if you read it which you should you will see what a remarkable, beautiful person she is. there are many characters to this book from the past and present but you know who each of them are with the way Victoria written them. each character add some thing special and another point of view to the story

Through the book you start to realise that even in your own family you don’t know all the past history, I enjoyed reading how Alexis saw her families history through different eyes to the rest of her family, which in turn made her family see their past in a different light, that it wasn’t something to be ashamed of but proud.

A beautiful story It’s a must read.

Peanut xx


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