Book Review: Finding It By Cora Carmack

finding it 2

Kelsey summers is a girl running away from her past that haunts her, getting further away from the person she used to be.

No longer being able to deal with her life at home she goes travelling around Europe meeting random guys, drinking to oblivion to block out the trauma of her childhood. But it doesn’t matter how far you go the past is always with you, you cant run or hide from it.

Kelsey’s plan was to have as many amazing experience and stories that she could then go home and remember her time travelling her adventures whilst she would lead a miserable life her parents had planned for her.

What she didn’t plan for was meeting a guy on a very embarrassing night, that he would make her want to be the person she used to be and make her find a home that she hadn’t had since leaving her university friends.

Jackson is her night in shining Amer, they are both falling for each other but though they want each other they are both very guarded keeping secrets that they haven’t told each other stopping them being able to completely be all in.

One night they finally give into their desires still holding back but it unlocks Kelsey’s past and she tells Jackson what happened and why she is running away. Kelsey suspects Jackson hasn’t told her everything then one phone call tells her everything she needs to no her heart breaks, what she thought was finally real was all lies and she cant get over it but it makes her face her own past so she can move forward.

This was a lovely read, it showed how carrying your past with you can ruin your future, that you have to deal with something not run away from it to have any peace with yourself.

It just shows when you aren’t looking you may find the one, it can change your world and make you see things completely different when you let another person into your sole and see the real you know matter how broken you are you can heal, love and be loved don’t let your past dictate your future.

Peanut xx



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