Book Review: After You By Jojo Moyes

after you

I had high expectations for the sequel to Me Before You, like most it touched my heart and has stayed with me ever since I read it. Half of me didn’t want to read it in case it didn’t live up to what and where I imagined Lou might be, it wasn’t what I expected in any way shape or form, it was better because it was honest and raw about life after you lose someone you love especially when someone choses to leave.

I thought I would be reading about all of Lou’s adventures, that what Will tort her in their 6 months about living not existing, being bold with life, that she was more than their little town and seeing her in a way she didn’t see her self the things that she is cable of achieve, she would be doing that after the book left her in Paris reading Will’s letter.

That’s not what happens when you lose someone, Louisa did travel after Paris but she was living in a fog like state going from place to place not living at all. she never got over that she wasn’t  enough for Will to want to live, it wasn’t that she wasn’t enough it was he didn’t feel good enough as the person he was now to stay.

Lou gave up trying to find adventures and the book starts 18 months on, she had bought a flat in London from the money Will left her, though it never flat like home, she felt off centre, having conversations with Will on why did you have to leave me? don’t you know how you have changed and hurt me? how do you expect me to live without you? she was floating through life until there was a knock at her door that would change her life for a second time.

This book shows grief from many perspectives, Louisa’s, her family, the Traynors and others who never got to know Will. There are many twists and turns with this book all unexpected but truthful and honest nothing being sugar-coated about death and the after math of it for those left behind.

Louisa goes through a lot of events, she meets unexpected people who help her see the way out of the fog and show her how to live, breath and love again. she realises she’s enough for someone to want to live, though she has a few bumps in the road helping those who need to be helped even at the expense of herself, she needs to do it for herself as well as them, in turn it helps her get to a place where she’s good, she can now see the amazing opportunities that are offered to her this time she is ready to say yes! this isn’t the end for Louisa Clark just the end of one chapter and the beginning of an amazing new one.

At the end of this book I was crying happy tears, thinking how proud and thankful to Louisa Will would be.

My favourite paragraph in the book is;

None of us moves on without a backward look. we move on always carrying with us those we have lost. what we aim to do is ensuring that carrying them is not a burden that feels impossible to bear, a weight keeping us stuck in the same place. we want their presence to feel like a gift.

Such beautiful and honest words,

I highly recommend it, it wont disappoint.

Peanut xx


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