Three Amazing Things About You By Jill Mansell

Three amazing things about you has been the first book I have read from Jill Marshell, I loved it what drew me in was 3 three female characters Hallie , Tasha and Flo all different but likeable. I wasn’t sure if I was going to get lost reading each characters story but the way Jill has written it was so amazingly even I couldn’t get lost, you knew from each part who was who which made it a lot easier to read unlike other books I have read.

I thought I would have been drawn to one of their stories more than the others, I found myself wanted to read all of their stories, wanting to turn the next page to see who I was going to follow next which kept the book interesting not wanting to gloss over one of the characters to get to the next.

Though it was based on the 3 woman’s lives their partners were heavily in the books and their friends which just added to the story, I liked joe he brought a lot of humour tot he book.

Whilst the story has a sad storyline of organ donation it is uplifting to see who one life ending can change many lives for the better it was uplifting to read. It opened my eyes to what it was like for someone who is waiting and waiting for that call to say we have an organ for you, knowing that someone else life had to end for you to get it and the strength and kindness it takes for a loved one to let others live when they are going through the worse pain in losing someone they love.

I shed a few tears reading it by the end I was happy for all the characters by the end and had a smile on My face that then ending was beautiful.

It is a heart breaking, thought provoking and uplifting book I couldn’t recommend highly enough I will be buying more of Jill’s book

Peanut xx



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