Pictures Of Lily By Paige Toon


How I adore Paige Toon books, she has such a way with character’s how they draw you into the story, you connect to them, you feel like they could be you or your best friend.

This beautiful story is about lily, she moves to Adelaide Australia when her mother meets Michael online, its nothing knew for Lily who is used to her mother dragging her to be with her next knew love of her life. Michael  has a son Josh who is 18 hot and boy doesn’t he know it. Lily hates being torn away from her father and half sisters but soon falls Adelaide’s charms when she starts to work with Michael at the conservation park next to his house, Lily loves animals and is amazing with them.

whilst working at the park Lily makes a friend Ben, he’s 28 and one of the keepers they become close, he makes her feel like she can do anything, he sees her in a way she doesn’t see herself not in a sleezey way but from the out side looking in. she falls madly in love with him he has feelings for her though he knows its wrong because she’s only 16 they have a connection that is beyond physical. Lily is more mature than her 16 years but there’s a big age gap and Ben is about to move to London to marry his fiancé, Lily tells him how she feels but he still goes breaking her heart.

Skip 9 years Lily is now 26 living in Sydney, working as a receptionist her boyfriend of two years proposed but she thought of Ben in that moment but said yes.

After Richard proposes, she starts to think more of Ben she’s never forgotten him, having conversations in her head with him over the last 10 years wondering what happened to him, where he is, this makes her pick up her camera again she is disappoint she didn’t carry on as she loved photography the camera always reminder her of Ben making her heart break, once he left  she put it away and had taken it out till now.

When her family from the uk come to visit she takes her younger sisters to the zoo she is on high alert as Ben worked there years ago,  then she sees him and he her, as she walks closer she can’t believing what she’s seeing the man she’s loved for 10 years is here in front of her she’s been dreaming of this moment.

The sparks come flooding back, she has to decide who she will be with Richard who she loves and has built a life with or Ben the man she fell in love with so many years ago but broke her heart when he left, she still loves him but would change the world she has created.

I loved this story It brings in old characters from Lucy in the sky, it was lovely to see what happened to these characters .

I cant recommend it enough its a beautiful read.

Peanut xx



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