Thirteen Weddings By Paige Toon

13 wedding

I love Paige Toon books, her writing style is lovely  she always has great characters and stories, this has been her only book that I have been disappointed at the ending.

The book is following the life of Bronte she’s from Australia and is in London for her friend’s wedding, she has separated from her boyfriend by chance meets Alex on the hen do who is there on a stag do with his soon to be his brother-in-law Alex has also split from his partner.

They hit it off from the get go, they make a connection and end up having a one night stand first for the both of them, the next morning he gets a text from his ex saying she wants to get back together though he likes Bronte he knows there’s no future with her as she is only in the uk for 2 weeks so they part way with a heavy heart.

Fast forward a year and a half Bronte is working in the uk on a magazine, on the way to work in a rush she bumps into Alex than he disappears then lone a be hold he ends up working at her magazine.

There’s still chemistry between them but he’s with his ex who is now his fiancé, they never thought they would see each other again but now they are back in each others lives you are left to think what will happen?

Alex is in a difficult position he’s with his fiance of 10 years there’s history there, he’s also has love for Bronte, their chemistry is undeniable. Bronte starts to work as a weekend wedding photographer a favour for a friend, Bronte doesn’t like wedding though because of an event that happened in a church when she was a child with her family. This experience has darkened her view on marriage and the story of her childhood unfolds as the story goes on, you get to understand why Bronte is the way she is around weddings and churches.

it’s at a wedding in Scotland that she meets a wedding singer Lachie, randomly a fellow Aussie who is traveling playing to get by. he is a charming, funny, sweet, kind guy he ends up going to London and falling for Bronte which Alex gets jealous of, I feel sorry for Lachie. he has fallen in love with someone who is in love with someone else all the while he’s trying to heal Bronte’s heart from loving Alex who ends up getting married.

I was disappointed with ending because in my head I thought I knew how the story was going to end, Alex would realise he is only with his fiancé Zara out of loyalty not love, that he would come to admit his feelings for Bronte in enough time, he doesn’t he goes through with the wedding then confesses his love for Bronte. by that time it’s too late, she loves Lachie.

I believe it is true love but her heart is still broken from Alex, she thinks their love is toxic and they couldn’t have a fresh start but I don’t think it was toxic I think it was real they had chemistry it was just wrong timing they never had the chance to see if it could be anything more than chemistry.

I kind of feel though Bronte does love Lachie but  she uses him through the book to get over Alex, he’s the easy option he’s been there for her when Alex has hurt her but if I was Lachie I would always be wondering does she still love another man? there will be that what if?

Bronte is happy with her decision but I think she ran away from the problem, she ran away from her family to London then she ran away from Alex to Australia and another man. she does love Lachie he has been there for her through everything even when she’s hurt him by loving Alex.  I think that she needed to mend her heart for Alex before being with Lachie now using his love for her and how sweet he is to mend her broken heart of Alex marrying someone else. though she does love Lachie and he makes her feel safe and content and that her world is steady on its axis maybe she should have taken time to heal then get with Lachie then he would know she was truly over Alex and what never became of their chemistry and then be with Lachie 100% with no crack in her heart from Alex that Lachie was trying to mend

What I learnt from this book is don’t stay with someone out of loyalty and history, if you love someone tell them before it’s too late, don’t use someone else to get over another person and until you sort out your own problems its hard to have any relationship.

I’m sad Alex didn’t figure it out sooner it would have been nice to see if their chemistry became something more but its was nice how Paige brought in some of the character’s from other books to this one how it all tied together.

I really did enjoy the book I would recommend it even though its not the ending I thought was going to happen

Have you read the book what did you think or if you go and read it please let me no what you thought of it ?

Peanut xx



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