Dream A Little Dream By Giovanna Fletcher

dream a little dream

If you haven’t heard of Giovanna Fletcher she is the author of billy and me , you’re the one that I want, books I haven’t read but will be after reading dream a little dream. I knew of Giovanna as Tom from Mcflys wife, I started to read her blog and watch her YouTube videos, I’ll put the links below and found her to be a lovely person she’s someone you would love to go for afternoon tea with, eat cake and have a good Natta about everything and anything.

What drew me to the story is we’ve all had a dream at some point woke up and thought that was weird, why was that person in my dream, then you think about it all day wondering if your going to dream of them again.

This was an interesting concept which made pickup the book and want to read more, Sarah the main character had a terrible breakup with her university boyfriend of many years, what made it worse was that he was part of their friend group she couldn’t get over him when she would see him most days.

Sarah has a dream about a guy she briefly meet in university, it was her friend Alister’s brothers friend that would go and visit them at university. He was  such a weird person to dream of as she didn’t really know him, he just kept popping up in her dreams where when she didn’t dream about him she’s disappointed Sarah’s falling for the dream Brett the man literally of her dreams well until he was in her reality.

She had been dreaming of a guy who now was in her reality and would he live up to what he was in her dreams? he was a little different but also the same. as lines blurred from dream to reality her dreams ended and she had started to fall for the real Brett and he her.

Her dreams where effecting her reality and her reality was effecting her dreams, not only was she dreaming of Brett but she was also dreaming of her relationship with Dan and his perfect Lexi his girlfriend of 2 years who he broke up with Sarah for.

It’s so interesting how Sarah’s dreams affect her relationships with the people in her life, Sarah dreams help her solve problems that are in her real life, they help her be a happier and content person. she grows as a person striving to be more and having more confidence and drive as the book goes on.

It is a love story in a bizarre sort of way but more seeing a character grow through her dreams and then getting the guy.

At the start I felt sorry for Sarah but by the end I was so glad that she had mended rifts in her friendships and that she was now in a career that she wanted and the guy.

It makes you think, do dreams make us see things in a different way? is it our sub conscious helping us while we are asleep? should we act on our dreams?

I would recommend this book its a great summer read.

There’s going to be a sequel dream a Christmas dream carrying on with Sarah and Brett’s story I’m so excited to see where their relationship went.

Peanut xx

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