Me Before You By JoJo Moyes

Title: Me before you

Author: Jojo moyes

Date published:

About the book

This is a tremendously heart wrenching, eye opening book that is a must read. The book follows two characters Will Traynor who had this amazing life he was a lawyer, loved adventures and throwing himself out of and off of things, traveller, ladies man he loved his life.

Will gets hit by a motor bike on his way to work and that’s where Louisa comes into it two years later she’s employed to perk Will up with her chatty personality and wacky out their fashion choices and to show him though his life is different its still worth living.

My  review

In all of Louisa  Clark 26 years she hadn’t left here little town and hasn’t got any ambition to, she doesn’t no what she wanted from life and never really gave it a thought until she meet will.

At first Will tested her wondering if she was going to stick around he had been through may of helpers, Will hated it he hated that his choices had been taken away from him, he hated his life and had previously tried to take his own life, Louisa saw the scars awhile into caring for him. Mrs Traynor was scary hard faced didn’t like Louisa but she wanted Louisa to show him he could have a full life and that there was still a point to life though it wasn’t the life he new Louisa came up with a plan to get him to do many activities holidays to make him want to live.

For two people who came together from a not normal situation and from different backgrounds they found a connection they got each other they pushed each other to see things in a different way. Louisa didn’t see wills chair she saw Will the man the funny, rude, smart man who just happened to be in a chair. Louisa had hidden her self away all her life helping her parents, her sister and her nephew she never thought of the future but Will pushed her to try new things that she thought weren’t her like going to hear a classical music which she sobbed at the emotions it made her feel that she didn’t think was possible. Louisa had closed her self off to the possibilities that her life could be and Will made her see the amazing, beautiful, smart, strong person she was they saw each other the way the other couldn’t see and got each other.

The book gets you to see both views from those who can live a full life after that kind of injury, those who don’t feel their lives are full as they cant be the person they want to be. Will was such an adventure yes he could do some of those things but he was also living a life in constant pain in and out of hospital having no control of his life and the fear what his life maybe like weeks, months, years down the line it was the scary true for him he was only going to get worse.

Then from their loved ones you don’t want to loss your child, brother, love of your life you want them to see the good things that their life can be better. Louisa showed that to will he started to smile he found someone that saw him even though he thought he was broken and not the man he used to be he said himself he was an arse before she saw the will she had only known and she loved him and she brought part of him back to life.

These two characters would never of met if it weren’t for Wills accident, though he wishes he had his old life back I think he’s glad it happened otherwise he would never of met Louisa found someone that could love him even though broken and not the man he wished he would be. though Will  was this adventurous guy, a ball breaker in law he never found  true love and Clark gave him that though he said she didn’t really no him this wasn’t the man he was this chair Clark saw a side of him he couldn’t see him self and the same for her Will saw her a way she didn’t see herself I think the biggest adventure Will had was being able to show  Clark that there is a whole world out there for her and that she can dream, try new things and she is the type of person to live that gave him the most satisfaction

It is such a great topic for a book, its relevant to now with those wanting to change the laws to be able to kill themselves without their loved ones being prosecuted. I am for this though I saw Louisa side of wanting to keep  the man she loved from killing himself. though I would want to do the same. if I were Will being an active person I wouldn’t want to rely on others,  not to be able to get up and dance not to have a full life that I would want to live. the book shows the story from different sides and gets you thinking what if it were you or your loved one.

The over all message I got from the book was we have one life live don’t exist be bold in life whether its doing something you didn’t think you could do, go scuba diving, do something that your scared of step out of your box because yes it will be scary but you don’t no you might just wish you don’t it before.

NOW GO LIVE  oh and read the book its amazing 🙂

Peanut xx


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