Lucy In The Sky By Paige Toon

This story has many twists and turns it keeps you gripped I couldn’t put it down I just wanted to find out what was going to happen next. your drawn into the story by the like able and relate able character Lucy she’s heading to Australia where she lived from ages 3-16 to see her best friends Sam and molly who are getting married when on getting on the plane she gets a text saying her boyfriend James of 4 years has cheated on her,he denies  it but she doesn’t no what to believe but is determined to enjoy her stay as she hasn’t been back home in 9 years and wants to be happy with her best friends.

she arrives in OZ and sees Sam’s younger brother Nathan he’s 23 2 years younger than Sam , molly and Lucy he’s no longer a little kid he’s a man and oh how she has noticed she gets butterflies and she cant stop thinking about him.

Lucy and Nathan connect he gets her she gets him its not like that with James she is heart broken to leave Sydney to go back to James not really knowing if he’s cheated or not she’s never really trusted him he’s always told white lies.

Nathan comes to London to work on a building site this makes Lucy happy, she tried to spend time with him in the 3 months he’s there for here heart telling her one thing he’s the one for her but her head says but James is the stable one.

all the way through I cant wait for Nathan to come in to the story he’s a laid back guy not complicated and is a good guy where James is just well not a likable guy you no when you get a feeling about a character well I got that with him couldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him.

There are so many twist with this story you never no where its going to go, its real heart breaking and you can see your self in the characters shoes which makes you believe the story. its more than a girl loves two guys kind of book you root for the good guy but will he win out and get the girl? do you follow your head or your heart? will it be safe and secure or a leap of faith and heart?

This is a must read if you do read it let me no what you think do you get a feeling about James too?

Peanut xx


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