Lucy In The Sky By Paige Toon


Author: Paige Toon

Publish Date: 2007

About the story

Lucy has just boarded her plane that is going to take her to Australia a place she called home from the age of 3-16 to attend her two childhood best friends wedding Sam and Molly (their marrying each other) when she gets a text saying her boyfriend of 4 years James has cheated on her. Has he? if so can she forgive him? and how will her return home plan out, is there a new adventure about to being on the other side of the world?.

My review

This story has many twists and turns it keeps you gripped, I couldn’t put it down I just wanted to find out what was going to happen next. Your drawn into the story by the like able and relatable character Lucy.

I so enjoy how Paige uses her love of Australia where she spent some of her own childhood in her stories, she makes you fall for the country, with every book she writes. I felt like I was in Sydney with the salt air in my lungs, the warm sand under my feet and the beaming sun tingling my face. It is another destination I have to add to my travelling list thanks to Paige.

The tale of this book was amazing, I enjoyed that it was of the unexpected, Lucy going back to her home town and not expecting to have feelings for her best friends brother  Nathan, he gave her butterflies the moment she meant him. Being younger she never though of him like that now she is, it took her off guard but made my heart warm with love as I fancied Nathan myself.

All the way through I couldn’t wait for Nathan to come in to the story, he’s a laid back guy not complicated and is a good guy. where you have James who is a lawyer, is just not a likable guy, you know when you get a feeling about a character, I got that with him couldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him I was pleading Lucy would chose her heart.

Paige used multiple destinations in this story, Australia, London and the English countryside, they all added something special to the story at those points in time. Seeing Nathan in a different setting, with her family was wonderful, as Lucy didn’t know if she would have the same feels she had when she was in Australia, was it like a holiday romance? could she see them together in her environment him being away from the surf?

It’s real heart breaking and you can see your self in the characters shoes which makes you believe the story. Its more than a girl loves two guys kind of book, you root for the good guy but will he win out and get the girl? do you follow your head or your heart? will it be safe and secure or a leap of faith and heart?

This is a must read if you do read it let me no what you think do you get a feeling about James too?

Peanut xx




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